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Vapor Stream

Discover the design process involved in the creation of the Vapor Stream brand logo design. By Mynor Alexander.

Logo & Brand Design

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 • Adobe Illustrator CS6

Introductory Paragraph

Creative Brief: A good friend of mine referred me to David Booth owner and operator of Vapor Stream located in Long Beach California. “I’m starting a new vapor company and I need a logo that would look great as a business sign and other printed material. You have creative freedom. I need this done yesterday… Thanks!”

Assets: Client didn’t provide any assets

Art Guidelines: Logo and branding material for print production and marketing purposes.

Timeline: As soon as possible

Vapor Stream Banner

Researching: I began this process by researching vapor smoke companies, e-liquid and/or e-juice distribution companies, and local shops near the Long Beach area.. I had a lot of questions regarding this type of project:

    - “What’s the demographics?”

    - “What do they do?”

    - “What do they like?”

    - “What types of competitors are out there?”

    - “What do they use as their logo’s & business signs?”

With all of these questions and more. I then research online vapor smoke companies. I used Google Analytics (display planner) to find keyword placement ideas and relevant sites to populate a list of competitors to answer these types of questions.

Vapor Stream Outline Vapor Stream Small Logos

Iterations: At the time of this write up, the vapor smoke industry is at its infancy. A lot of the design choices are dated, pixelated, and are produced for print only. My findings answered a lot of questions regarding the demographics for this industry and with that I began to sketch a few logo concepts to present to David. Typically a client would have several revisions, which would give me the feedback I would need to modify the final outcome. But this was a special case. David expressed his confidence in my design decisions and anxiously awaited the results.

My findings answered a lot of questions regarding the demographics for this industry and with that I began to sketch a few logo concepts to present to David.
Vapor Stream Product Gallery

Outcome: David was really pleased with the logo and brand designs. In the end this is ultimately what matters to me most. He has continued to request additional designs for other side projects… So I take this as a great sign, which lets me know he appreciates what I produce.

What I learned

What I learned: I actually learned a lot about the vapor smoke industry. Although It wasn’t necessary to research so much about this clients target audience I had to get a better understanding of who I was designing for... Because I lacked prior knowledge about this industry.


What I would do different: One thing that I would have done differently, which was out of my control, would have been to have more time to exhaust all possibilities and explore other concepts (that is the funnest part after all!) I’m also pleased with the final outcome but eliminating the pressure of producing something in such a short time span would have drastically affected the final design.

Why share this project

Why share this project: I welcome any challenge. I do well under pressure and 9-out-of-10 times I’m able to deliver something that my clients appreciate.

I welcome all inquiries on a large or small scale. If you’re interested in a logo design, brand redesign, or in need of graphic design work I’m here to help you achieve your business goals.

Vapor Stream Business Card

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