DisObey & Play Introduction

DisObey & Play

New online clothing store brand concept. Designed and developed by Mynor Alexander.

Lead Design

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 • Adobe Illustrator CS6

About Disobey & Play

About: Disobey & Play is a new online clothing store brand concept, which is currently under development. Product line will consist of shirts, hats, joggers, and print material.

Introductory Paragraph

Inspiration: 19th Century Russian Constructivism, my love for Video Games, and Shepard Fairey are the major influences behind this project. Disobey & Play shouldn’t be misinterpreted as an insult toward Fairy’s work and his vision.

When I began my journey… Enrolled in college, I found it really hard to not spend time playing video games. There were multiple times that I wanted to just neglect my responsibilities and just play!

Of course my priorities wouldn’t let me so I found the next best escape.

DisObey & Play Fashion
Art History

Art History: During Art History I was introduced to multiple art styles ranging from Dada, Art Nouveau, Art Deco among so many other great styles. But Constructivism was something that just felt right! I was also taking Advanced Photoshop & Illustrator classes at that time and not being able to play video games (well as much as I was used too) led me to create Disobey & Play.

DisObey & Play Gallery Showcase
Psychology of Play

Psychology of Play: It wasn’t until I attended Psychology of Play, which introduced me to new concepts and ideas of incorporating play with work that made me look at my silly concept as an actual product. I began to strategize the building blocks of developing a business model for this concept. I then created a S.W.O.T analysis and a handful of user personas to pitch to my instructor and friends… And so Disobey & Play is currently under development.

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