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Mynor Alexander is an Amiable, Multidisciplinary, Front-End Developer, UI/Web Designer, and Growth Hacker from Orange County, California. Brisks featured artist & multi-award-winning designer with a passion for designing beautiful and functional user experiences.

Front-End Developer, UI/Web Designer, and Growth Hacker
- Orange County, Southern California -

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App Design

Handcrafted mobile & web apps designed around your business objectives and tailored for your target audience. The user experience is what guides my design decisions and human behavior is what drives the user interface design.

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Internet Marketing

Being a programmer, who is data-driven, and naturally competitive gives me the advantage when it comes down to exploiting information that is beneficial for both consumers and search engine bots.

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App Development

My current development stack consist of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Angular.js. But every project is unique, so I’m able to use any framework and/or library your project needs. Aspiring to become a MEAN Stack developer.

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Growth Hacker

Whether your business goal is to generate a substantial gain in traffic, increase revenue, brand exposure, or generate new users. I’m here to provide creative solutions that will get you one step closer to achieving your business goals.

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“Amiable, Multidisciplinary Developer”
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